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  • PVAM carry out an extensive quantitative and qualitative screening of investment securities. 
  • Daily meetings to discuss investment opportunities and allocate task to execute the tasks. 


  • Rigorous due diligence covering strength company management, balance sheet, earnings quality, industry structure and ESG review. 
  • Extensive bottom up valuations and investment thesis 

Portfolio construction 

Recommended securities considered given: 

  • Top down considerations 
  • portfolio characteristic inputs 
  • Securities and sector correlation analysis 
  • After tax considerations 
  • Monthly ICM review provides strong oversight process 

Risk Management 

  • Continual assessment of 
  • Macro-economic conditions 
  • Investment perfomance and correlation changes  
  • Run scenario analysis against any adjustments in outlook 
  • Monitor changes in client’s liquidity needs 


  • Involves asset allocation and security selection process to construct client’s portfolio 
  • Rebalance portfolio as needed and/ or incorporate new investment vehicles. 



Stock Market Portfolio Management 

In terms of stock management services, we offer two different services which are discretionary stock portfolio management (DS) and non-discretionary stock portfolio management services (NDS). Under DS, PVAM fully manage client’s stock portfolio and make all investment decisions including execution decisions. Non-discretionary services the asset manager partially provide investment advice to the client but the ultimate execution decision lies with the client.  

  • PVAM do equity investment based on fundamental research entails evaluating company earnings growth. 
  • Our team of analyst do extensive macro, technical and quantitative analysis to identify better buy, hold and sell stocks. 
  • PVAM relies on other types of research to assess market trends. Our macro analysts focus on broad economic measures, including interest rates, inflation, employment, and the money supply.  
  • Our technical analysts use stock price charts to capture market developments. 
  •  PVAM Quantitative analysts develop models to gain a deeper understanding of the portfolios, to identify the risks within, and to generate investment ideas. With access to this complementary information, the portfolio managers exercise their independent judgment in making their investment decisions.